Free Comic Book Script Template

Custom Comic Book Script Template

When it comes to writing comics, I’m always adapting and reworking how I script. Usually, it’s to make it easier for the artist to read, the letterer to pull dialogue/captions from, or to share with collaborators.

One thing that I like about auto-numbering templates is that they can keep your page counts on track so that you don’t have to worry about them. While I like Final Draft, sometimes the formatting or the software feels restrictive.

So I went ahead and made my own template that I’m giving away for free.

Download the Script Template Here

How the Free Comic Book Script Template Works

All you have to do is use the header that’s labeled PAGE 1 when you want to start a new page. That’s it. I keep it simple because I don’t want any special formatting for dialogue that can get messed up or won’t translate to anyone using Microsoft Word, Pages, or even OpenOffice.

Comic Book Script Example

Here’s a quick example of the template being used. You can see that I made the PAGE element a bit bigger, just because I like it that way, but you can always modify it and change it.

I also use dialogue in the classic Dark Horse Comic Book Script format, so it’s easy and clear to see where the difference between panels and dialogue.

That’s All, Folks!

That’s all there is to it! Just a free comic book script template for anyone that’s just looking for a way to have auto-numbered pages.