Free Comic Book Script: Barnstormers! #1

Comic book scripts are all over the internet, but even if there are a lot of options to check out I always find it fascinating to see how other people format their work. I’m always experimenting and changing up my style depending on who I’m working with.

For example, I got to work Marvel style on a script last year and I loved it! The artist and I talked through the story, page by page, and then we added dialogue after the pencils were locked. But for the most part, I still work full script, and I had a few people ask for samples recently so they could learn how to format their own projects.

Barnstormers! — Full Comic Book Script Book

I put together this script book for the original Kickstarter for the Barnstormers! trade paperback a couple of years ago. I was working with the super talented Renny Castellani and we crafted a story together that, to this day, I’m still really proud of.


This script is from the original planned series that was going to be a 3-issue mini. You can download the script for the first issue below:

Barnstormers! #1 - Script Book

Formatting the Script

For this script, I worked in Microsoft Word. I actually wrote the script between classes in college. I was going to Grand Valley State University at the time and just had moments between my long commute and tight schedule to work in pages. Using Microsoft Word and Dropbox at the time was the easiest way for me to jump back and forth on different machines when I had the chance.

Today, I use Google Docs for the most part. It lets me jump in and edit and write while I’m on my phone or from my work computer on lunch breaks.

I hope you enjoy the script book!